Join us for this new multi-disciplinary project-based seminar offered across SCI, ELEC and ARTS at Aalto University in Winter 2022.

About the Seminar: Advances in voice recognition and digital technologies offer novel forms of speech and auditory interaction for engaging user services and immersive experiences in the home, school, workplace, museums and everyday public spaces. This course introduces methods, practices and challenges of incorporating speech, audio and multimodal interaction for designing voice and auditory services, products and user experiences. Designing Voice and Auditory Interaction provides a basic understanding of speech, conversational design, NLP and interactive speech/audio methods, along with cases studies and tutorials for applied project-based learning, participatory design, and user experience evaluation. The course will also explore novel research applications for immersive audio environments, physical interaction, and computational creativity.

Organized as a 5 ECTS seminar, with lectures, visitors, presentations by students and a multi-disciplinary, rapid prototyping project.

Course Duration: 18.01.2022 – 5.04.2022 (12 weeks)
Seminar Sessions: Tuesdays 14:00-16:00
Project/Tutorial Labs: Thursdays 11:00-12:00

Instructors: Tom Bäckström (ELEC / SPA), Nitin Sawhney (SCI / CS) and Koray Tahiroglu (ARTS / Media)

Teaching Assistants: Kaisla Kajava (SCI / CS), Mohammad Vali (ELEC / SPA) and Camilo Sanchez (ARTS / Media)

Target Audience: The course is targeted to students of all schools, in particular ELEC, SCI, ARTS and BUSINESS, at both masters and doctoral levels. 

Course Structure: We offer a 5 ECTS seminar course with the title “Designing Voice and Auditory Interaction”, where the credits are awarded primarily through “ELEC-E5531 – Speech and Language Processing Seminar”. If that course does not fit your studies, we can discuss other routes for awarding credits.

Learning Goals and Outcomes:
• Seminar presentations of articles and research in topic areas 
• Open ended participatory research and co-design with potential users 
• Rapid prototyping of working applications or proof-of-concept designs 
• User evaluations and feedback to inform design or critical lessons learned 
• Multi-disciplinary projects in different domains e.g. learning, healthcare, public services, workplace, interactive exhibits etc. 

ELEC-E5531: Speech and Language Processing Seminar.
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