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Over the past 25 years in my academic and professional life, I have conducted research, teaching and creative practice along three inter-related and transdisciplinary areas:

A. Civic Media, Engaged Learning and Participatory Inquiry for socially-engaged pedagogy, inclusive co-design, digital storytelling and civic agency among young participants and vulnerable communities in urban contexts and the Global South.

B. Human-Centered Design for Collaboration and Auditory Interaction by devising curatorial research, digital platforms, wearable/ubiquitous technologies and transitional user interfaces for everyday usage.

C. Sensory Ethnography and Contestational Design focusing on hacktivism, tactical urbanism, documentary film, and performance-based site-specific interventions for creative inquiry and critical design practices in contested spaces or crisis contexts.

My intellectual identity has been shaped by an unconventional trajectory spanning science-technology, media-arts and cultural studies, and international human rights advocacy. The crucial shifts and accomplishments along the way were only possible with the guidance and mentorship of many scholars, practitioners and collaborators (including my students). This digital portfolio provides a glimpse into the ongoing transdisciplinary approach and critical ethos emerging in my research, teaching and creative practice.

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September 7, 2012

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November 22, 2011

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