Bi-weekly dialogues and critical perspectives on artificial intelligence, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), participatory design, and crisis-related research for societal impact.

The CRAI-CIS* Seminars at Aalto University engage emerging work across critical AI, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), participatory design, and crisis-related research. The seminars seek to invoke dialogues on how computational, human-centred, and social sciences perspectives can offer new insights and methods for inclusive approaches and critical inquiry with societal impact.

Each event features invited speakers who share distinct perspectives, ongoing research, methods, and challenges for future work in a 30-45 minute talk, followed by Q&A and space for mingling and networking.

In autumn 2021, the seminars will be hosted bi-weekly on Wednesdays 13:30 – 15:00 from October 27th to December 8th in the Aalto Computer Science building (Konemiehentie 2). Tea/coffee and cookies will be offered.

All talks are hosted as hybrid events (in-person and online), and will be recorded for open access in the future. Please register for the seminars you wish to attend in-person or online.” Use this Zoom link at attend any of the seminars remotely.

*CRAI-CIS stands for CRitical AI and Crisis Interrogatives. The CRAI-CIS Research Group is led by Prof. Nitin Sawhney in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. The CRAI-CIS seminars this autumn are hosted by Karolina Drobotowicz and Henna Paakki, doctoral researchers at Aalto University.

Seminars in Autumn 2021

27.10. Why AI and Human Rights?

10.11. Participatory AI with Children: In Pursuit of Fair and Inclusive Technology Futures

24.11. AI, Human Cognition, and Ethics

8.12. Data magic: Performativity and Organizing Power of Data in Social Media Analytics

More about the CRAI-CIS Seminar including the speakers and talk abstracts: